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Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere

September 16, 2012 @ 11:45 pm by Stefan Hartman.

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere ReviewLast season things got…tough.  Throughout most of last season, everyone was against Nucky.  Jimmy, Eli and crew were set to take him down and Jimmy was to rise as the new king of Atlantic City.  However shit fell apart and Nucky re-rises as the bad mother fucker that he is and ends up killing Jimmy.

This threw me through for a loop as I figured Jimmy and Nucky would knock heads throughout the entire series.  Obviously I was wrong.

Season 3 starts 16 months after season 2. During the first scene we see this seasons new comer Gyp Rosetti and we witness how hot-headed he can be after beating a man to death with a tire wrench.

The first time we see Nucky is shortly after the beating. We see him shaking down a theif who got caught stealing…then orders Manny to put a bullet in his head all mob boss like.

Gillian (Jimmy’s Mom) is now running a whore house while Richard Harrow (my favorite character in the show) acts as a caretaker of the house and takes care of Jimmy’s son when Gillian is busy.  Richard is trying to teach Jimmy’s son the truth about who his parents were but Gillian is implanting the thought that SHE is his mother.  Gillian is coming off like a real bitch and I’m hoping to see her die.

In Chicago, Al Capone and his crew meet with a business man disrespecting his boundies and pushing booze where it shouldn’t be.  This scumbag comes in and disrespects Al Capone by insulting his deaf kid.  Al doesn’t take to kindly to this and plans to kill him or at least beat him up.  Al later gets his chance but is thwarted by Agent Van Alden who now goes by the name of George Muller.  Mr. Muller is on the lamb from the government after being pinned to the drowning of a man in a river. To make money he has been working as a door-to-door salesman selling irons.  After acting as a tough guy and scaring Al away, the flower store owner purchases 24 irons from Nelson and offers him a bouquet of flowers.  I have to wonder (due to the nature of the show) now long Van Alden will act as a door-to-door salesman before getting into some criminal acts to provide for his family.

At a party we realize Gyp and Nucky have talked before and have done business together. After getting cut off mid-sentence we see Gyp doesn’t like to be disrespected.  Later at this party Nucky holds a business meeting with his booze buyers and let’s them know that he is only selling to one person from now on which is Arnold Rothstein. Gyp Rosetti gets pissed about this and insults all the other people at the business meeting. While leaving, Gyp gives the dog taken from the man he murdered to Mrs. Thompson. I can only assume this will lead to the cops going after Nucky thinking he murdered the good semaritan trying to help Gyp.

The end the episode finally sees some more violence when Manny meets the end of Richard’s single barrel shotgun and he gets blasted through his left eye. After the kill, you could see a slight smile on Richard’s face. He LOVES to kill.  It was good to see him do what he does best instead of getting insulted to and talked down to by Jimmy’s Mom.  What is unmentioned is why Richard shot Manny.  Was he hired to kill Manny and his driver or is he seeking revenge for Jimmy or perhaps avenging Angela, whom he obviously loved.

Conclusion: The episode moved slowly but setup a lot of stories. How will Nucky’s single buyer system workout for Nucky and his affilates? Is Harrow working with someone or is he planning on avenging Jimmy? Will Nucky find out about Margret and Owen Slater? How mad is Gyp Rosetti going to get this season and how will Nucky deal with him? So much to cover and looking forward to how it’ll all go down.

The one thing I’m not crazy about in this show is the politics.  I understand they have to be in the show as Nucky uses his political connections quite often for his bootlegging operations, but they bore me.  Luckily this episode contained only 5 minutes of politics but not sure what future episodes will contain.

Be sure to watch Boardwalk Empire on Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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