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Review: Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

September 5, 2012 @ 3:32 pm by Josh Boyer.

Two Door Cinema Club’s sophomore album carry’s on the sound created  by the  band on their debut album, but expands it into more dark and moody spaces. The new elements on this album sound like a logical next step for the band and fit them well. Not as upbeat as their first album, A Tourist History, the band is still able to keep things catchy while pushing things into more complex territory.

The album starts off strong with one of the standout tracks, Next Year. An electric loop starts the song off, with drums soon kicking in. A new element for the band, synth, is utilized in the verse with a groovy guitar line soon following. This leads up to an almost haunting chorus with vocalist Alex Trimble singing “Maybe someday/You’ll be somewhere/Talking to me/As if you knew me/Saying I’ll be home for next year, darling/I’ll be home for next year”. It’s safe to assume these lyrics refer to the bands constant touring schedule over the past few years and the sacrifice of being away from home. This sets up the overall tone for the songs to follow.

Like most tracks on the album, Handshake gets your feet moving with it’s electric grove. Horns give a nice touch to the bridge as Sam Halliday’s lead guitar plays along to it. Wake Up highlights Kevin Baird’s ability on the bass as Trimble sings “Goodnight daylight/I won’t remember you for long” over a funky bass line. An anthemic closing chorus carrys the song to the end.

Sun starts off with Trimble singing over a lone piano followed by the bands take on funk for the remainder of the song. The theme of being away from home is highlighted again in this track as the lyrics ‘Though/I’m far away/I know I’ll stay, I know I’ll stay/right there with you’ are sung throughout the chorus.

Halliday’s lead guitar line plays strong in Someday, carrying the song from start to finish. Sleep Alone, the lead single, may be the best song of the album. Pounding drums are played in contrast with simple chords for the verse, creating a dreamy trance. “Everyone is here except for me/And I can feel the world is watching” starts off The World is Watching. Strings make an appearance on the bridge and the song ends with the line “I want you here with me” being sung over and over. The bands struggle between doing what they love and wanting to be home is played out on this track along with the next one.

Settle starts off quiet with Trimble’s calming voice singing over a peaceful melody of guitar lines. This builds, exploding into a powerful section that rises. “When I get home, when I get home/I want to feel less alone” is sung over this powerful section.

Spring starts off sounding like it could be a Death Cab for Cutie song. This leads into a chorus that soars with its epic build. It’s the contrast of the verse and chorus that make this track a standout. Starting off with an Irish sounding jig, Pyramid proceeds to be the most deep song on the album, lyrically speaking. “Take me through the pyramid/Show us life and things that you did/Each and everything I see/Takes me back before I was me” starts the song off, asking the big question of how did we get here. The chorus is the post powerful portion of the song with Trimble singing “We have seen what lies beneath the earth/Everything that has ever been and will become” over a frenzy of noises.

The album finishes strong with the title track, Beacon . A simple bass and guitar line play underneath Trimble’s echoed voice throughout the verse. The song ends with Trimble singing “I’m coming home”, a fitting way to end the journey the album takes you through.

Two Door Cinema Club is
Alex Trimble – Singer
Kevin Baird – Bass
Sam Halliday – Lead guitar

Standout Tracks – ‘Next Year’, ‘Sleep Alone’, ‘Spring’ ‘Beacon’

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One Response to Review: Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

  1. Juggaloforlifealo says:

    I don't like the lead singer, I'm not saying its necessarily BECAUSE he's a ginger. But…. his hair is a little too red for my taste…