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Review: Tech N9ne ‘E.B.A.H.’

September 18, 2012 @ 9:10 am by Stefan Hartman.

Tech N9ne E.B.A.H. Album CoverI am an enourmous fan of Tech N9ne and his entire Strange Music movement. What I like best about Tech is his music and lyrics are always different. He avoids the stereotypical Hip-Hop categories of money, flashy lifestyles and all that. Him and his music label creates original music in a genra which is flooded with crap.

While he keeps his fans waiting his next full length album, Tech’s been releasing EPs. His last one Klusterfuk was released back on March 13, 2012. It contained 6 tracks and received high praise from many critics and fans.

Now he’s released E.B.A.H. (Evil Brain Angel Heart). Before the album came out, he released two music videos from the EP, E.B.A.H. and Don’t Tweet This. He also released Earregular prior to the albums release. Those are 3 of the 10 tracks on the new EP. Once you add the 3 short skits that on the EP, you are left with 4 new, unheard tracks for all the Technicians out there.

Of those unheard tracks, only Rock Yo Head featuring 816 Boyz is any good. After that track, a skit called Next Message plays and then the remaining tracks come off a little too…mushy for my taste. Those tracks are Boy Toy, KJOMD (Kinda Jealous Of My Dick) and A Real 1.

It’s like Tech’s Evil Brain ruled the first half of the album but then his Angel Heart wrapped it all up. The last song though blends into the final skit of the album which has Tech screaming “SHUT THE FUCK UP” as if Evil Brain was screaming at Angel Heart.

Conclusion: The album is enjoyable and anything new from Tech N9ne is always appreciated. I really like the first half of the album but then get bored of the last half. Most of the Technicians will enjoy it and some MAY feel like I do.  I do wish however that he wouldn’t have released so much before the album dropped.  If you watched his videos or heard Earregular, you would have already heard 1/2 the EP.

I am really looking forward to Tech’s next full length album and even more so towards Ces Cru’s first full length album on the Strange Music label.

Let us know what you thought of the album in our comments section below.

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