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Review of Tech N9ne Boiling Point EP

October 27, 2012 @ 9:39 am by Stefan Hartman.

Tech N9ne Boiling Point Album CoverTech N9ne’s newest EP Boiling Point has arrived.  Listening to it, I can’t help but to hear an Anghellic tone mixed with an All 6s and 7s studio sound

His newest EP comes out slightly over a month since he released his last EP, E.B.A.H. (Evil Brain, Angel Heart).  Boiling Point comes with 7 new tracks for all the Technicians out there.  While this is 3 less tracks then E.B.A.H. had, Boiling Point does not contain any intros or skits (sorry Skank-Hoe & Slut-Butt).

  2. Fire in AC (featuring Krizz Kaliko & Smackola)
  3. Should I Killer
  4. Hunger (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung & Bishop)
  5. Paint On Your Pillowcase (featuring Aquaelo)
  6. Heavy
  7. Alone (featuring Krizz Kaliko & Eric “Ezikuhl” Boone)

URALYA starts in right where E.B.A.H. left off.  It has a metal feel to it with some heavy guitar riffs mixed with Tech’s rapid line delivery.   Near the end of the track Tech welcomes the listener to the EP.

Fire in AC has a real unique beat/rhythm which sounds good but I’m more interested in Should I Killer which takes me back to Anghellic.  The song itself is about Tech hooking up with a girl and she ends up pregnant which will cause an issue with his marriage.  Tech tells her to get an abortion but she keeps avoiding the subject and dancing about the issue.  Tech then wonders “should I kill her” but then realizes a murder would end his career and destroy his family.  He finally opts to kill himself but afterwards we hear a phone call that the pregnant girl did get an abortion after all.   The darkness that Tech brings to this track lyrically feels like the young Tech N9ne and I LOVE IT!

Hunger is an angry track which features Brotha Lynch Hung and Bishop.  The track ends with a moaning woman which fans will recognize from the ending of Fuck Food from All 6s and 7s.

Speaking of Fuck Food, Paint on Your Pillowcase is Tech’s freaky/sexual track on this EP.  The song opens with a woman talking to Tech saying how she never brings dudes home after a first date and all that.  Tech tells her to shut up and take her clothes off…sexiness ensues.

The 6th track, Heavy is about a growth which is bulging out of his back which is disgusting looking and heavy.  The growth is obviously all the shit and stress that Tech carries on his back on a daily basis.

The EP wraps up with a track called Alone, a track where Tech raps about his life after the show is over and he’s by himself.  I love when Tech does tracks like this (similar to So Lonely or The Rain).  You can tell he really loves doing music and loves his fans but it does take a toll on him.  He’s not afraid to put his emotions down on wax and let the fans know about it.

The EP ends with a sound clip which is reversed.  I reserved it in an audio editor and the clip is the intro of E.B.A.H. but in reverse.  Sounds to me as if Tech is making the statement that E.B.A.H. crashed down, said what he had to say and now is leaving.  Do we take this as the end of the K.O.D. collection or is Tech trying to say something else?

Tech N9ne URALYA music video screenshot

Conclusion: This EP is GREAT!  I prefer this EP over both E.B.A.H. and Klusterfuk.  The tone of the album is definitely the darkest thing Tech has released in sometime.  I’m not sure if he was trying to channel Anghellic or not but it feels that way to me.  I also like how he mixed in elements from his previous EPs and albums.  Also the EP’s total playtime is thirty minutes even (30:00).  I wonder if this is something Tech tried on purpose or just a coincidence (or maybe my shit is just fucked up).

I can’t recommend this EP enough.  You can buy your copy at or where ever you buy your music when it’s released October 30, 2012.

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